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7 Contoh Dialog Bahasa Inggris 4 Orang Singkat dan Menarik Berbagai Topik

12 Desember 2023 · 6 min read Author: Ilham Budhiman · Editor: Elmi Rahmatika

dialog bahasa inggris 4 orang

Belajar bahasa asing bisa dilakukan dengan berbagai cara, salah satunya melalui dialog bahasa Inggris 4 orang yang bisa dipraktikkan bersama teman-teman di sekolah atau rumah.

Property People, banyak faktor yang memengaruhi kemampuan berbicara bahasa Inggris atau conversation.

Mulai dari pengucapan (pronounciation), penguasaan tata bahasa (grammar), kemampuan mendengarkan (listening comprehension), pola berbicara, pemahaman lawan bicara (audiance), hingga kepercayaan diri.

Nah, bagi kamu yang ingin meningkatkan atau mengasah bahasa Inggris maka bisa dimulai dari melakukan percakapan.

Tidak hanya dialog bahasa Inggris 2 orang, tetapi juga dapat dilakukan dengan empat orang.

Jadi, kamu bisa belajar percakapan bahasa Inggris 4 orang dengan teman atau sahabat.

Melansir berbagai sumber, berikut contoh dialog bahasa Inggris 4 orang.

7 Contoh Dialog Bahasa Inggris 4 Orang

1. Percakapan Bahasa Inggris 4 Orang

dialog bahasa inggris 4 orang

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Jajang: Hey, guys! What’s up? Any plans for the weekend?
Nana: Not much, Jang. I was thinking of maybe going to the beach. The weather’s supposed to be great.
Udin: That sounds cool, Nana. I’m up for some beach volleyball if you’re in.
Maesaroh: Count me in too! Beach volleyball sounds like a blast.
Jajang: Beach volleyball it is, then! What about Sunday afternoon? We can grab some snacks and make it a mini picnic too.
Nana: Sunday afternoon works for me. And a picnic sounds perfect!
Udin: Great, it’s settled then. See you all at the beach on Sunday afternoon.
Maesaroh: Can’t wait! It’s going to be a fantastic weekend.

2. Dialog Bahasa Inggris 4 Orang Singkat

dialog bahasa inggris 4 orang dialog bahasa inggris 4 orang

3. Dialog Bahasa Inggris 4 Orang tentang Lingkungan Sekolah

Regi: Hey, guys! I’ve been noticing that the school grounds are getting quite messy lately. What do you think we can do to improve the cleanliness around here?

Ega: You’re right, Regi. Maybe we could organize a clean-up day where students and teachers work together to pick up trash and tidy up the campus.

Juju: That’s a great idea, Ega. We could also place more recycling bins around the school and encourage everyone to properly sort their waste.

Fitri: Additionally, we could start an environmental club where students can learn about the importance of taking care of our surroundings and participate in eco-friendly projects.

Regi: I love these ideas! Let’s talk to the school administration and see if we can get their support for the clean-up day and the environmental club.

Ega: Sounds like a plan! Together, we can make a positive impact on our school environment and raise awareness about the importance of keeping it clean and green.

Juju: I’m excited to get started. Let’s work together to create a healthier and more sustainable school environment!

4. Dialog Bahasa Inggris 4 Orang tentang Menawarkan Bantuan (Contoh Dialog Offering Help)

contoh dialog offering help

5. Dialog Bahasa Inggris 4 Orang di Sekolah

Alex: Hey guys, have you started preparing for our group presentation on Friday?
Sarah: Yeah, I’ve gathered some research materials, but we still need to outline the main points.
Mike: I can work on creating the slides over the next couple of days. Do we have a clear structure in mind?
Emily: I think we should start with an introduction, followed by the key findings, and then conclude with our recommendations.
Alex: Sounds good. Let’s also practice the flow and timing, so we don’t go over the allotted presentation time.
Sarah: Agreed. We should meet tomorrow during lunch break to go over our progress and make sure we’re on track.
Mike: Perfect. I’ll have the slides ready by then, and we can rehearse a couple of times.
Emily: Thanks, everyone. Let’s make sure we nail this presentation and impress our classmates and the teacher.

6. Dialog Bahasa Inggris 4 Orang tentang Liburan

Ivan & Dani: Hi guys! How are you?
Rani: Hi. I am fine!
Mita: Hi. I am fine! How about you guys?
Ivan: We are fine. Right Dani?
Dani: Yeah. We are fine. So, how was your summer holiday?
Rani: My holiday was awesome. My family and I went to Hawai for the holiday.
Ivan: Wow.. it sounds good. How about you Mita?
Mita: My holiday also great. I held a lot of party during the holiday.
Dani: Wow.. your holiday might be memorable one.
Mita: How about you guys?
Ivan: Dani and I went to Bali for the holiday. It was amazing. You know, the people there were so friendly. Besides, the beach were so great.
Rani: That’s cool. Bali is one favorite spot for tourism.
Mita: Yes, it is. How could you two went together?
Dani: Oh.. we already made a plane before. Actually on our plane we also wanted to ask for the other kids to join us. But, they were have their own plane. So, we decided to go just both of us.
Rani: If I didn’t have a plane to spend holiday in Hawai. I probably would like to join you.
Ivan: Its okay Rani. So, tell us about your holiday in Hawai?
Rani: Just like you two. I often went to the beach there. The beach was great. I enjoyed my holiday very much.
Mita: It was very nice to hear about your guys holiday.
Rani: But, you said that you also have a lot of party on your holiday?
Mita: Yeah. Summer party. You know, just like all of you. Spent time at the beach. Gather around with family. It was feel good.
Ivan: So, all of our holiday was nice right?
Dani, Rani & Mita: Yes you are right.

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7. Dialog Bahasa Inggris 4 Orang tentang Kerja kelompok

Dadang: Hi everyone, our group assignment is due next week. Have you all started working on it?
Sarah: Yes, I’ve researched the first topic and made some notes. How about you guys?
Kian: I’ve been looking into the second topic, and I found some relevant articles. I’ll compile the information this evening.
Emily: Great, I’ll take care of the design and layout of our presentation slides once we have all the content ready.
Dadang: Sounds like a plan. Let’s aim to meet tomorrow after school to put everything together and finalize our approach.
Sarah: I agree. It’s important that we synchronize our efforts and ensure a cohesive presentation.
Kian: Absolutely. Let’s make sure we communicate any challenges or questions we have along the way.
Emily: Teamwork is key. By collaborating effectively, we’ll be able to produce a high-quality assignment.


Itulah dialog bahasa Inggris 4 orang yang mudah dipelajari.

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