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7 Contoh Dialog Suggestion and Offer Singkat dalam Bahasa Inggris

12 Desember 2023 · 4 min read Author: Emier Abdul Fiqih P · Editor: Ilham Budhiman

contoh dialog offer and suggestion dalam bahasa inggris

Sebagai bahan belajar sehari-hari, yuk tengok contoh dialog suggestion and offer di bawah ini!

Dalam pelajaran bahasa Inggris, suggestion and offer adalah ungkapan untuk memberi saran dan menawarkan suatu hal.

Agar makin mahir, kamu wajib memahami dengan betul ekspresi dan contoh dialognya.

Inilah contoh percakapan bahasa Inggris tentang suggestion and offer berikut ini!

Contoh Dialog Suggestion and Offer dalam Bahasa Inggris

1. Menawarkan Makanan

contoh dialog suggestion and offer makanan

ilustrasi dialog suggestion and offer 2 orang singkat, contoh percakapan suggestion and offer

Ilham: What do you think we should have for dinner? Are you leaning towards pasta or pizza?

Bobby: I believe pizza would be a good choice. There’s a fresh type of pizza available at the UNO’s near our workplace.

Ilham: That’s intriguing. However, do they offer pineapple as a pizza topping?

Bobby: I don’t believe that’s an option on their menu. What if we order a pizza with an extra serving of beef instead?

Ilham: Sure. That works for me. Let’s head over there!

2. Menawarkan Bantuan

Elmi: Hi. You don’t seem to be in good shape. Are you alright, Tiara?

Tiara: I have this sensation that my body is incredibly weighty and I’m also experiencing dizziness.

Elmi: It appears that you might be unwell. Do you mind if I accompany you back home?

Tiara: Perhaps you could assist me in reaching the health clinic.

Elmi: Sure. Let’s go!

3. Menurunkan Berat Badan

contoh dialog suggestion and offer diet

ilustrasi dialog suggestion and offer 2 orang singkat

Shafira: I’m looking to shed some pounds. How should I begin?

Gadis: If I were in your shoes, I’d gradually cut down on my food intake and establish a routine of regular exercise.

Shafira: Alright. Do you have any insights into the most effective exercises for weight loss?

Gadis: I reckon you should consult Hanifah about that. Being an athlete, she must have some knowledge about workouts for losing weight.

Shafira: It’s worth a shot I guess.

Gadis: Would you like her contact information? I have it if you’re interested.

Shafira: Of course. Thank you!

4. Nilai Sekolah

Rulfhi: How did you fare on the exam?

Septian: I received an A+.

Rulfhi: Just as I anticipated from an intelligent student! I, on the other hand, ended up with a C-. I’m really eager to enhance my grade.

Septian: You might want to consider putting in more effort into your studies.

Rulfhi: I’m not sure. Even though I put in a lot of effort, my grades are consistently poor.

Septian: Why don’t we collaborate on studying? This way, I can provide you with assistance.

Rulfhi: That’s a great offer. I’m in!

5. Merencanakan Projek

contoh dialog offer and suggestion 4 orang

ilustrasi contoh dialog suggestion and offer 4 orang singkat, contoh dialog suggestion and offer 3 orang singkat

Miyanti: Hi, everyone. We need to decide on a community project. Any ideas?

Ami: How about organizing a clean-up drive in the local park?

Shandi: That’s a great start! We could also plant trees to make it greener.

Yongki: I agree with both ideas. We can involve the community by hosting a small event afterward to celebrate our efforts.

Miyanti: Fantastic! Let’s draft a plan combining these activities.

6. Memilih Karier

Guru: Good morning, everyone. As you approach graduation, it’s time to consider your future paths. Any thoughts so far?

Tiara: I’m interested in technology, but I’m not sure which field specifically.

Guru: Have you considered software development or cybersecurity? Both are high in demand.

Tiara: That sounds intriguing. I’ll look into those career paths. Thanks for the suggestion!

7. Merencanakan Kerja Kelompok

contoh dialog offer and suggestion 3 orang

ilustrasi contoh dialog suggestion and offer 4 orang singkat, contoh dialog suggestion and offer 3 orang singkat

Septian: Hey, guys. We need to brainstorm for our science project. Any ideas?

Ilham: How about exploring renewable energy sources?

Hendi: That’s interesting! We could focus on solar or wind energy.

Septian: Great suggestion, Hendi! Ilham, what do you think?

Ilham: I like it! We can research the feasibility of implementing these sources locally.


Semoga artikel contoh dialog suggestion and offer di atas dapat bermanfaat, ya!

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