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Contoh Soal Tes Bahasa Inggris BUMN 2023 dan Jawabannya. Lengkap!

12 Juli 2023 · 10 min read Author: Gadis Saktika

tes bahasa inggris bumn

tes bahasa inggris bumn | sumber: shutterstock.com

Mengerjakan latihan soal tes bahasa Inggris BUMN merupakan salah satu cara terbaik untuk memperbesar peluang lolos seleksi rekrutmen Badan Usaha Milik Negara tersebut. Buat kamu yang sedang mencari informasinya, berikut Rumah123.com hadirkan contoh tes bahasa Inggris BUMN yang bisa kamu akses pada uraian di bawah ini.

Website FHCI Rekrutmen Bersama BUMN 2023 sudah dibuka.

Lebih dari 120 BUMN membuka lowongan kerja untuk mereka yang berminat.

Lewat situs web tersebut, calon pelamar bisa mengisi formulir, melengkapi persyaratan dokumen, serta menempuh tes masuk secara online.

Terdapat beragam tes BUMN 2023 yang perlu dilakukan, salah satunya adalah tes bahasa Inggris yang akan dilaksanakan pada 8 hingga 12 Juli 2023.

Sebelum melaksanakan ujian, para peserta perlu melakukan latihan soal tes bahasa Inggris BUMN terlebih dahulu.

Untuk itu, Rumah123.com telah menghimpun contoh tes bahasa Inggris BUMN pada uraian berikut.

Contoh Soal Tes Bahasa Inggris BUMN 2023 dan Jawabannya

Tes Bahasa Inggris BUMN

1. … Miss Clara nor Mr Elang will attend the annual workshop next Monday

A. Neither

B. Either

C. Both

D. Not only

Jawaban: A

2. …, the Alpaca is Smaller than the llama and ordinarily is not used as a beast of burden.

A. A sure-footed animal

B. That sure-footed animal

C. It is a sure-footed animal

D. A sure-footed animal that

Jawaban: A

3. Mom: “When did you realize you had lost your purse?“

Me: “When I … ,one to pay the conductor”

A. Was needing

B. Had needed

C. Have needing

D. Am needing

Jawaban: B

4. She: ‘Why didn’t Didi want to go home?’

Me: “His mother …… him for causing the car accident.”

A. Would blame

B. Has blamed

C. Is blaming

D. Had blamed

Jawaban: D

5. By the time Susan comes back, we .. the birthday party for her.

A. Will prepare

B. Will be prepare

C. Will have prepared

D. Will have been preparing

Jawaban: C

Soal Tes Bahasa Inggris BUMN

6. My father finally cut down… that was planted by my grandfather fifteen year ago

A. Five mater mango tree

B. Five-mater mango tree

C. Five maters mango tree

D. Five-maters mango tree

Jawaban: B

7. Nothing she could remember after that fatal accident, …?

A. Couldn’t she

B. Could she

C. Couldn’t her

D. Could her

Jawaban: A

8. The director is meeting with the investors, as the company would like to … operations.

A. Expend

B. Expanse

C. Expand

D. Expense

Jawaban: C

9. Ms. Tiara is a gifted speaker, and everybody… listening to her talks.

A. Eave enjoyed

B. Enjoy

C. Are enjoying

D. Enjoys

Jawaban: D

10. … position of the planet earth in relation to the sun is always changing a little bit

A. That the

B. There was a

C. It was the

D. The

Jawaban: D

Contoh Tes Bahasa Inggris BUMN

11. I would have gone to your party last night if … time.

A. Would had

B. Had had

C. Had

D. Have

Jawaban: D

12. Education in Indonesia is the… of school, government and society.

A. Responsible

B. Responsibility

C. Responsive

D. Responsibly

Jawaban: D

13. We had to wait a long time to get these books back, …?

A. Couldn’t we

B. Don’t we

C. Shouldn’t we

D. Didn’t we

Jawaban: D

14. Do you know …?

A. What time starts the movie

B. What time does the movie start

C. What time the movie starts

D. The movie start what time

Jawaban: C

15. … Miss Clara nor Mr Elang will attend the annual workshop next Monday

A. Neither

B. Either

C. Both

D. Not only

Jawaban: A

Tes Bahasa Inggris BUMN

Question number 16–25! The text below has incomplete sentences. Read text carefully and choose the one word or phrase from each number that best completes the sentences.

A common way of gaining knowledge is through experience, which relies on trial‐and‐error learning.

One of the authors is reminded of a time when he (16) … an Old Order Amish farmer while their two 5‐year‐old sons played with a small snapping turtle.

As the Amish boy held the turtle in one hand he would reach out with the other and tap the turtle’s beak with his index finger, jerking it away as the animal (17) … in the air.

Several times, the farmer interrupted his conversation to warn his son that if he continued (18) … the turtle, he would be sorry.

Suddenly, the boy (19) … and dropped the turtle to the ground. As the father retrieved a handkerchief from his pocket and attended to the young boy’s bleeding finger, the man looked into his son’s eyes and said in German (20) … into “Maybe the turtle has taught you what your father could not.”

The author could not help but feel that his son, who stood in horror (21) … his Amish friend’s bleeding finger, had also learned something from the experience.

An old adage (22) … , “experience is the best teacher.” If our knowledge is (23) … , however, then it is limited indeed, for experience is the best teacher only if we cannot also find other paths to knowledge.

Because experience is very (24) … of gaining knowledge, it is influenced by our social and cultural backgrounds.

(25) … is punctuated by diversity as people of different racial, ethnic, gender, and socioeconomic backgrounds not only experience vastly different things in life, but, more importantly, often interpret similar experiences quite differently.

16. Question number 16

A. Is interviewed

B. Was interviewing

C. Had interviewed

D. Was interviewed

Jawaban: B

17. Question number 17

A. Snapped harmlessly

B. Harmless snap

C. Snapping harmlessly

D. Was harmlessly snapping

Jawaban: C

18. Question number 18

A. To tease

B. Teased

C. Teasing

D. Tease

Jawaban: C

19. Question number 19

A. Painful squeal

B. Squealed out in pain

C. Squeals out in pain

D. Squealing out in pain

Jawaban: B

20. Question number 20

A. Roughly translates

B. That is rough translation

C. Is roughly translated

D. What is roughly translated

Jawaban: D

21. Question number 21

A. Looking at

B. Looking for

C. Looked at

D. Looked for

Jawaban: A

22. Question number 22

A. Claims

B. Is claimed

C. Claimed

D. Is claiming

Jawaban: A

23. Question number 23

A. To limit the personal experiences

B. Limited to personal experiences

C. Limiting personal experiences

D. Experiencing personal limitation

Jawaban: B

24. Question number 24

A. Personal and an individual way

B. Personal and individualistic way

C. Personality and individuality of way

D. Personal way and individualistic

Jawaban: B

25. Question number 25

A. Experiencing knowledge

B. Knowledge experience

C. Experiential knowledge

D. Experience of knowledge

Jawaban: C

Soal Bahasa Inggris BUMN

tes bahasa inggris bumn

sumber: shutterstock.com

26. If I were you I would put that meat in the refrigerator or it will … in this hot weather.

A. Go off

B. Go over

C. Go by

D. Go on

Jawaban: A

27. It was very difficult to park the car in Pondok Indah Mall as there were not any …  parking spaces.

A. Vacant

B. Blank

C. Uninhabited

D. Bare

Jawaban: A

28. You are already grown up so you should be able to … between good and bad.

A. Differentiate

B. Discriminate

C. Distinguish

D. Verify

Jawaban: C

29. The manager was very worried because his production figures were …

A. Falling off

B. Falling out

C. Falling over

D. Falling through

Jawaban: A

30. Having given the prescription to the patient…

A. The medicine was taken regularly by the patient

B. The doctor told the patient to take the medicine regularly

C. The medicine had to be taken regularly by the patient

D. The patient was told to take the medicine regularly

Jawaban: B

Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris BUMN

31. He was so surprised by the things happening so fast that he had a look of … on his face.

A. Astonishment

B. Amazement

C. Puzzlement

D. Excitement

Jawaban: C

32. The street all over Jakarta are flooded. … last night.

A. It must be raining

B. There might have rain

C. It must have rained

D. There might have been raining

Jawaban: C

33. We went to the painting exhibition … the rain.

A. Because

B. Although

C. In spite of

D. Despite of

Jawaban: D

34. I counted twenty students at …, the others were all members of the teaching staff.

A. The least

B. The most

C. The fewest

D. The more

Jawaban: A

35. I recommended that the organization … its by-laws as soon as possible.

A. Finished composing

B. Should finish composing

C. Finish composing

D. Finishes composing

Jawaban: A

36. I will watch Ghost Stories on metro TV as soon as I … my typing.

A. Have finished

B. Finish

C. Am finishing

D. Finished

Jawaban: B

37. She went to the school by taxi. She … by bus. There is a bus driver strike today.

A. Might gone

B. Should go

C. Should have gone

D. Ought have gone

Jawaban: C

38. Several prominent political figures involved in the scandal … before the investigating committee.

A. Will to appear

B. Are suppose to appear

C. Supposed to appear

D. Are to appear

Jawaban: B

39. The region is not fertile, … it is an industrial area.

A. Nevertheless

B. Since

C. Because

D. As

Jawaban: D

40. You may avoid … by a motor-cycle by … on the pavement.

A. Being hit – Walking

B. Be hit – Walk

C. Hitting – Walking

D. Being hitting – Walking

Jawaban: A

Tes Bahasa Inggris

41. Nina seems very mature for a …

A. Nineteen-year-old girl

B. Girl with nineteen years old

C. Girl of nineteen years

D. Nineteen-years-old girl

Jawaban: A

42. She … on airplane many times.

A. Flight

B. Has flown

C. Is flying

D. Fly

Jawaban: B

43. The new innovations at the world’s fair were fascinating. Which word of the above sentence makes it incorrect?

A. The

B. New

C. At

D. Were

Jawaban: C

44. Do you know …?

A. What time the movie starts

B. What time starts the movie

C. What time does the movie start

D. The movie start what time

Jawaban: A

45. I … the advertisement at local newspaper.

A. Reading

B. Would Reading

C. Have Reading

D. Read

Jawaban: D

46. Since it is already very late, we …

A. Had better leaving

B. Ought to have leave

C. Should take a tour

D. Might as well leave

Jawaban: A

47. The great apes, a generally peaceful species … in groups

A. Would rather living

B. Would rather live

C. Would rather lived

D. Would rather they live

Jawaban: B

48. Since the road is wet this morning, … last night.

A. It must rain

B. It must be raining

C. It must have rained

D. It must have been rain

Jawaban: C

49. We had to wait a long time to get these books back, …?

A. Don’t we

B. Couldn’t we

C. Didn’t we

D. Shouldn’t we

Jawaban: C

50. A trip to Bali should …

A. Benefit to you

B. Be well for you

C. Do you good

D. Be beneficial with you

Jawaban: B


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